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TERM – 4 , WEEK – 6
November 13, 2009, 5:27 am
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16-11-2009  MONDAY

                               Birds control , Today Mr. Alex explained about need of bird control, if does’t controled properly it will creat major loss to us. Birds like Black bird , Thrushes, Starlings, Sparrows & Finches can make loss to us. We can control birds by shoting, gas heater bang , Electronic noise maker,  hanging Falcon doll, Gaint man doll, mist nets, rounding with motor bike , hanging alluminium foil which flashes light.  

17-11-2009  TUESDAY

                              Unit resists – final, We are discusing about problems of the international students from the first date onwards after our arrival to NZ , so that these problems can be elimenated for next batch internation students. At final some good points are taken in account for the future.  

18-11-2009  WEDNESDAY

                               Practical Exams, I have done almost my best.

19-11-2009  THURSDAY

                               clean up Nursery , We were doing cleaning in hydrophonics.

20-11-2009  FRIDAY

                                Graduation Ceremony ,We all passed in National certificate in Horticulture ( level-4) , this is like harvest after 8 months hard work. I am very proud to get Rotary scolarship. Thank you very much for the otago polytechnic group who have helped me , supported me to achive this. Once again thanks to all. 

TERM – 4 , WEEK – 5
November 12, 2009, 12:47 am
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09-11-2009  MONDAY

                                Irrigation , We were doing practical , exdending pipe for pop up sprinkler in the lawn in front of polytechnic, after that we were doing dessing up , so that it will look neat and tidy.

10-11-2009  TUESDAY

                                compost testing , Mr . Roger explained  about testing of compost , PH & conductivity , if conductivity is more in compost it will causes the burning of rootsso that plant will die, due to compost is taking the water from the plant through osmosis  process.    Bees, Mr. Alex explained about importence of Bees, for pollination of flowers, honey, wax, pollen. Bees take nectar from the flowers & process them to honey. Honey is rich in carbohydrates , pollen is rich in protins, different  verities of honey like  Manuka , Thyme , Clover honey , we can get app  100kg  of honey/ year/ hives. American Foulbrood , which is caused by bacteria & chalkbrood disease can affect the bees. In NZ importing of honey , any food , meat items are banned due to the reason it can cause new diseases. 

11-11-2009  WEDNESDAY

                               Field trip , It was cancelled due to more assignments. so, i am   doing assignment on Enterprises Report.

12-11-2009  THURSDAY

                              Propagation – Nursery , We went to Clyde for planting in Mr. Samsa’s paddock , we have planted plants like Thyme , Lavandula , Iris , Cistus etc.  soil was very dry as it is north facing so, we have poured more water in the soil before planting.

13-11-2009  FRIDAY

                              Crop loading analysis & thinning, bannockburn road, Mr .Alex explained about importence of thinning , to better size , colour , less pest & diseases, balancing the weight on whole tree.It will take normally around 200 hr/ ha for thinning. ANA / NAA – Napthyl actic acid, Carbaryl which is a insecticide is used as thinning agent for pip fruits.  Plum , cherry and pears they will be doing thinning by themself naturally.

TERM – 4 , WEEK – 4
November 2, 2009, 6:59 am
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02-11-2009  MONDAY

                               Irrigation , Today we got practical experience of irrigation , we have made  irrigation pipe line all put together in square form with mini sprinkler with  ‘T’ joints , ellbows . In afternoon we are involved in making irrigating lines with square pop up sprinkler system in front of polytechnic. we got good experience in irrigation. 

03-11-2009  TUESDAY

                                Weed spraying in Bannockburn campus  ,  due to dunedin field trip was canclled  , i am with Mr .Garry today, we were doing weed control in sportstruff golf ground by spraying  Tordan , it is selective  for brodleaf weeds like clover, systemic herbicide, for identification of the path we used foam marker, we diluted 1.5 lit of herbicide to get 300 lit in water. we used app  6 lit of herbicide for one hac.

04-11-2009  WEDNESDAY

                                Bannockburn cmpus ,Today we were with  Mr.Alex who has given us practical training in tractor, attaching implements like spay tanks  to three lever linkage & with PTO shaft  , dismandaling them , during these operations care should be taken that engine should be in off condition, first we have to fix left linkage then right , then top , then the PTO.

05-11-2009  THURSDAY

                                Propagation  –  Nursery , We were doing propagation of softwood cuttings of Lavendula ‘ grosso’ & Rosmarinus  officinalis  ‘Tuscan blue’in a potting mix of  1:1  sand & standared potting mix with some pumice ( for good aration ), using rooting hormone , kept in GH1. cuttings  we have to collect in cool morning, take the flower bud out while propagating . Then we were doing vegetable gardening , corn , ladies finger , cucumber , spring onion , Pea etc.   

06-11-2009  FRIDAY

                                 CV  , Mis Lyne mcfarlane explained us how to prepare our Curriculum Vitae, very useful session.                      

TERM – 4 , WEEK – 3
November 2, 2009, 6:43 am
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27-10-2009   –  30-10-2009

                                Work Experiance  ,   Me & Sabestine were working in Queenstown botanical garden for QLDC  , we have done fallowing works , Removing wall flowers , pond cleaning , weeding  of rose garden , pruning , removing of dried seeds of tulip & doffadil flowers to prevent from spreading , cutting the gress edges around the plants , picking up of rubbish, composting  etc.

TERM – 4 , WEEK – 2
October 20, 2009, 5:08 am
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19-10-2009  MONDAY

                               Irrigation  ,  Mr . Alex explaind about Design & Instalation of irrigation lines  , 1 . Draw the layout plan of the irrigation , 2 . mark the location of the pipes, sprinkler or popups with paints , 3.  check for live electrical cables , phone lines if any , 4 . dig the trenches , instal the pipes with joints and elbows ,  5 . add the solenoid valves & controlers in the system buried the pipe lines ,  6 . connect to water supply & flush the system , check for leaks , correct flow & pressure in the sprinklers.   

20-10-2009  TUESDAY

                               Enterprise report & dairy  , Mis . jo explained about preparing enterprise report assignment.

21-10-2009  WEDNESDAY

                                Tuturial  , Mr . Alex  & Mr . Trevor  explained about the work experience . In after noon Wyne king explained about fire arm assignment , that  police will take the firearm form us even when we are not using for long time.

22-10-2009  THURSDAY

                                Propagation  –  Nursery  , I am doing weeding , cleaning up of nursery for plant sale on saturday.

23-10-2009  FRIDAY

                                Propagation  –  Nursery  , We have done cleaning   &   shifting  of plants up to lunch , then we started plant sale for very old citizen .

24-10-2009  SATURDAY

                                Plant sale  , We have sold out most of the  plants , What a great day , everybody became a salse man , all of them intracting in a good manner. Thanks for lunch & wine.

TERM – 4 , WEEK – 1
October 13, 2009, 7:22 am
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26-09-2009  TO  11-10-2009     TERM – 3  HOLIDAYS


12-10-2009  MONDAY

                               Irrigation ,   Mr . Alex explained about importence of irrigation in horticulture field , hot water treatment for repairing polytene pipe , primer & glue for PVC pipe repairing , 1 M head of water gives 1.4 PSI pressure , He explained  about various types of dripper , Impact srinkler , valves, screen filter , joints.  At present water table in central otago is 20 m, Aquaflex is a meter which tells the soil moisture , we get the graphs when it is connected to computer system.

13-10-2009  TUESDAY

                               Irrigation , Mr . Alex explained about world available  water  97.5 % is salt , 2.5 % is fresh . 0.00625 % of the total water on the globe theoretically used for drinking , agriculture industry. Then we done some maths in irrigation , then we went to see Ribbon valley community  irrigation system. He explained that clay is used for water profing in ponds , copper sulfate can be used for preventing algae formation in ponds or useing  barly bags or  we can put some fishin ponds. 

14-10-2009  WEDNESDAY

                               Tutorial , Mr. Alex explained about irrigation assignment, then i have done assignment on weed control management. 

15-10-2009  THURSDAY

                               Propagation – Nursery , i was doing weeding  of plants , shifting of plants from GH4 to retail area.

16-10-2009  FRIDAY

                                 Grafting plants Bannockburn Rd,  Mr . Alex explained us to graft the apple trees  with Rind grafting , then we have done some cherry trees with samba, cleft grafting.

TERM – 3 , WEEK – 10
September 25, 2009, 6:08 am
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21-09-2009  MONDAY

                                Compost , Mr . Roger explained about Bio dynamic compost, it should be left undisturbed for 6 – 12 months before use. Greens = rich in nitrogen, Brow = rich in carbon , He explained about vermicomposting , worms do not like things like lemon , onion which are too acidic to them. Finished compost has dark brown colour, good earthy smell , it will shrink to 1/3 of its original volume. Unfinished compost will be having pathogens for diseases, weed seeds, waxy sustances which will ripel water entering into the ground, it may have ammonium wich is toxic to plant growth, it will use nutrients as the breakdown to maturity continues in the soil. 

22-09-2009  TUSDAY

                                 Fertiliser application Bannockburn Rd , Mr .Alex explained about need of fertilizing , due to loss of nutrient through fruits, leaching , De – Nitrification , this can be compensated by mowing nitrogen fixing legumes ( clover )  can give upto 100 kg of N /ha /year, mulching of pruned materials. Before fertilizing we have to check the soil samples. Nitrogen difficiency is difficult to detect from soil sample, we can detect from leaf test. so nomally  lest test will be done 1 month before harvest for stone fruits, At least we have to sent 50 leaves ( petioles ) of YML ( youngest  mature leaf ) for checking .

23-09-2009  WEDNESDAY

                                 Theory Exams , We have done our best in grape vine pruning , soils , weeds , compost subjects to get top scores.

24-09-2009  THURSDAY

                                  Propagation – Nursery , Mis jo explained about Red dust strom which hit the sydney , she showed us some pictures.Then i have done seedling of Lettuce ‘Red oak Leaf’ in punnet mix & kept in GH1 . Then i have done Pricking  of Petunia ‘ storm Blue’ . Then we have shifted some plants from Gh4 to Gh2 to retail place. 

25-09-2009  FRIDAY

                                 Propagation – Nursery ,  Mis jo explained about Asparagus , she given us the catlog of pacif 2000 – F1 hybrid , F1 = first filial or first genration hybrid , they are more vigour , best in good drainage area . There are many varity ‘Marlha Washington’ , ‘Jersey Giant’ . Then we have potted Asparagus in 10 c.m pot having standered potting mix  & kept out side. In afternoon we went to Water conservation center near mall to do weeding then , we went to bannockburn community garden to cultivate the land. This is the last day of Term -3  & Mr . Trevor given us good news about the job for comming term holidays , Thank you very much Trevor.